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I fucked one of my friends (Tuesday)....his cock is the perfect size and its pierced, I couldnt help it! I have always wanted to fuck him, now its been done and It was too good. I want to fuck and suck that cock all day. The ring left a trail of tantilizing pain in my pussy, when I sit down I can feel it......a painful little reminder.

I fucked another one of my friends (Wednsday)....she is soooo cute, I couldnt help it! Ive always wanted to eat her was much fun. However one of our other friends herd us and He is mad at us (I think he is Jelous, maybe)

I found a man to whip me frequently, he is a savage. When I say okay thats enough he gets in as many hard hits in as he can untill I run.....I love it.

I am a slutty nympho, and I wanna fuck right now even tho I just masterbated twice
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