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wemustthrust's Journal

Mission Masturbation
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All Members , Moderated
Mission Masturbation is a community for extreme masturbationists.
The objective: to masturbate in as many odd places possible - and to share your experience here!

-Mission has to be completed with a vibrator.

-no talking on the phone to another mission member, but anyone else is okay.

-no missions at another member's house, but anywhere else is okay.

-Mission must be a minimum of 5 minutes and 47 seconds.

*2 badass points if you take a picture of your vibrator and you and the scene of the crime.

*2 badass points if you orgasm.

*5 badass points to the member who uses another persons vibrator (condoms may come in handy here).

*5 badass points if someone else is in the room (they have to be conscious and coherent, and not your significant other) (and if they're dead... wow, you're kinky AND going to hell!)